Mark Bode


BDA | Business Design Agency was founded in 2012 by Mark Bode.

We have an extensive network of experts in innovation, next economy, service design, branding, artists and designers. We are hired by organizations and initiate our own projects and ventures.

After working as a partner and founder of several creative businesses, such as Shop Around, design and interactive agency DC, FFWD Dance Parade and design label Basematters, Mark decided to found BDA to combine his strategic and economic background with his experience as creative entrepreneur.

The goal was to boost creativity and creative thinking within corporates in order to create innovation that leads to positive impact on our economy.

To bring the corporate world closer to the creative, this first led to the method and platform Creative Business Map which evolved through Mark’s work at the Willem de Kooning School of Arts where he created the Business Station. Later on, he also taught in business schools about creative thinking for business.

At the same time, BDA started working for corporates, a.o. through a partnership with the internationale service design agency Livework.

In the past 3 years, the intensive cooperation with Wolfpack has led to more radical innovations, often in close cooperation with government and corporates on one hand and creative pioneers and experts on the other. In the meantime, the context had become the city, where major challenges lie if we want to push the economy in the right direction.

As a side project Mark Bode started 2 years ago on his ambition to create greener cities. He started to research the value of green and a cooperation with the City Forester led to  TreeCollective. In this collective we want to bring trees from cost to revenue. The application of new technologies (IoT and blockchain) has led to new business models.

The various partnerships with Wolfpack, Livework and TreeCollective have contributed to a rich experience in innovation, (service) design thinking, creativity in business modelling and working on a c-level with corporates, governments, education and creative pioneers.

Now we want to work further on a happier and healthier urban living environment by boosting the local economy, creating a greener city and providing more access to contemporary art. So the built environment and area development are important contexts to get this done.


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