Mark Bode


We design business propositions in the built environment: for real estate developers, corporates, government, pioneers, community cooperative, creative companies.

In cities we face many challenges at the same time: climate changes, increase of the population, income inequality, food supply chains, congestion, changing retail landscape etc. It is a challenge to find the right business models to cope with these changes. But when things are on the move, there’s always room for change. We know how to turn this into opportunities and translate it into a clear strategy and solid implementation.

Together with our business partners Studio Wolfpack (Lab for the Next Economy) and Livework (international Service Design Agency) we work with corporates, creatives and tech pioneers on next economy business cases.

Our clients include Heijmans, Municipality of Rotterdam, WNF, Rabobank, Delfshaven Cooperative. The end result is in most cases a startup, lab, service or product that contributes to impact and business.

Furthermore I guide entrepreneurs and investors through the next economy and the innovation ecosystem to get more grip on tech, social and economic changes that businesses are currently facing.

Besides working for corporates, I help to grow the business of artists, designers and creative studios.

On our projects page you’ll find more information about our business design work in the built environment.


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