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How we work

Business designers work on the edge of business and creativity, on analytical and intuitive thinking, where innovation arises.

(Innovation by Business Design – Image based on Roger Martin)

Business design has added value in contexts that are complex, insecure and dynamic. It often involves multiple stakeholders which makes it important to see the case from various angles and find a common driver. We work human centric and are the ones who keep a constant eye on the end user. Visualizing throughout the process is key.

We operate as designers to create the solution or concept. And as entrepreneurs to make it happen.

We are business design thinkers and have many service design tools at our disposal. This is the process we often use as a guideline:

Framing the assignment is an important (but highly underestimated) start of our process. We prefer to visualize our research:

(Image by Hannah Meijer)

The concepts and their visualizations can be found on our projects page.

As we go towards launching, we use a service blueprint that puts the user experience on top. Followed by the actions and operations needed to create this optimum experience. For us, this is one of the business design tools and can look like this:

Parallel we work on calculations to get the financial part of the business on par.

The end result can be a business case, lab, innovation program, product, service or business.


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