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Business propositions designed to push the economy in the right direction.

We design value propositions that contribute to a better living environment. Our main areas of expertise are the local economy, green infrastructure and contemporary culture. In this section you’ll find a summary some of our recent projects.


Multiple value creation with land issue

Create maximum social and sustainable value without reducing financial value with land issue.

The Eindhoven Municipality aims to maximize social and sustainable value with their land issue, without reducing financial value. This often causes friction. Investing in social and sustainable value seem to pay back, as it increases the value of the real estate in the long run. However, the effects are unsure, the correlation unkown, the value is often captured by others and benefits take long to reap. Therefor, real estate valuers cannot relate these investments to the value of the real estate and it becomes not financeable. Then investors deduct these investments from the price they are willing to pay for the land issued by the government.

Together with experts in social and sustainable valuation, local economy dynamics and real estate finance, we’ve found a potential method to optimize this multiple value creation.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, don’t hesitate to contact Mark Bode,

Principal: Eindhoven Municipalituy

Partners: Wolfpack, SVG Vastgoed, Willem Schramade (RSM), Walter Manshanden, Henk Sijsling.

Status: vision and method will be explored further



More trees in our cities by making the value of trees visible, tradeable and traceable.

Trees have many benefits, especially in urban areas. They create a better living environment, clean the air, reduce heat, retain water. Trees are therefor of vital importance to solve current climate issues in cities. However, trees are still on the cost side. People are not willing or able to pay for the benefits. What if people could? Can we get trees from cost to revenue? If we can, green infrastructure projects will get an enormous push.

In this collective we invite people and organizations to join us to make the benefits of trees tangible and visible. We’ve developed technology (using IoT and blockchain) and platform to enable other organizations to create new business models, such as investing in trees or tree nurturing. We have even launched a model for natural cemeteries in Hilversum. 

Partners: City Forester, Jaap Tinssen and

Status: startup


Grassroots Business Lab

Incubator for communities: improving the position of local community members with entrepreneurship and local tech startups.

Grassroots Business Lab

Principal: Innovation Quarter, MRDH

Partners: Wolfpack, Wunderpeople, Rabobank, Municipality Rotterdam, Delfshaven Cooperative

Status: the first 6 startups and business cases have been launched.


Fieldlab Haringvliet

Nature around the Haringvliet has drastically changed since building the dam. Ever since, nature organizations are creating innovative interventions to restore the balance. A better balance in nature is also beneficial for the local economy. People are often not aware of this. We have created a lab that creates business models that are both beneficial to the local economy and to nature.

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-13 om 09.31.57

Client: WWF, ARK Nature Management

Partners: Wolfpack, Arie van Baarle (food innovator), Hannah Meijer (service design)

Status: 5 business models have been created using the input of experts, local entrepreneurs, biologists, fisherman and innovators.


Tiny Living

Developing services that enable people to live with comfort in tiny apartments.


Tiny living in cities has become a necessity if we want to keep living affordable, also for students, low income families, people in care and unemployed. However, living tiny is not always appreciated. So we came up with a service taxonomy or method to design services that reduce space, increase comfort and improve living conditions such as light and air quality.

Principal: Heijmans

Partners: Wolfpack, Livework


Open Badges

Unemployed can earn mini-certificates by working at local entrepreneurs that issue badges for obtained skills.


Client: Delfshaven Cooperative

Partners: Rabobank, AltijdHR, Minicipality of Rotterdam

Status: first badges have been created and issued.


The New Kitchen

The number of kitchen companies is enormous and people are overwhelmed with choices about materials, colors, appliances. This makes a lot of people uncertain during the journey of selecting the right kitchen. Many kitchen sellers are using this situation to upsell with features, materials, appliances and increase the pressure with unclear price offers. Many people end up dissatisfied after buying a kitchen. NPS scores are extremely low in this market.

So there seems to be room in the market for a new kitchen brand, built around the optimum customer journey. We’ve designed a modular kitchen, making it easy to compile and compare. Kitchens can be serviced on a long term basis and parts can even be exchanged if people want another color or add functionalities. The entire business was built on the service blueprint and the brand completely ready to be launched.

Client: confidential

Partners: Livework (service design), Roy Gilsing (product design)

Status: to be continued


Business Station WDKA and Creative Business Map

Creativity and business can be at odds. This tension however can also lead to innovation. At the Willem de Kooning School of Arts I’ve launched a business station where students learn how to sell their products and launch their practice or company.

Due to a lack of study material for creatives about business (most business books start from the viewpoint of making money while creatives start with a creative solution or product), we’ve developed and tested a method that fits the starting point and world of creatives.

This method is used at several art schools in The Netherlands.

CBM basisifiguur

Partners: Mark Schotman, Willem de Kooning School of Arts

Status: ongoing, check


Creative thinking for business

Artists thrive in uncertain situations and have the ability to envision or visualize nonexistent, future situations. Designers prototype and continuously iterate to improve the user experience. The mindset, skills and tools that come with it, add value for companies and organizations in complex problem solving and innovation. But only if used and implemented in the right way. This is the key role of a business designer who is typically used to working in business and creative environments.

FOEL visual

For corporates, public organizations and business schools I’ve organized several design and creative thinking lectures to cope with complex issues and to develop (radical) new business propositions.

Clients: Rotterdam Business School, Rotterdam Municipality, RIVM, Oce, HVDM PR agency.


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